5th Grade

welcome to 5th grade
  Welcome to 5th grade at Meadow Woods Elementary School! We are super excited to spend the year learning and growing together!

We’re excited to learn…………

In 5th grade Language Arts, we will work to a deep reading of literature and informational text. 5th graders will analyze text for evidence-based writing.
5th grade Math students will be working on lots of new skills this year! Students will write numerical expressions and use place value to add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals. They will work on computations and real-world problem solving with fractions, as well as converting and computing measurements. Students in 5th grade will make sense of problems and persevere in solving them using reasoning and precision.
In Science, 5th graders will dig into matter, energy, forces, Earth systems and structures, space and time, and living organisms. Students will practice the scientific method and gain an understanding of scientific investigations.

Getting ready to learn……….

To meet the exciting challenges of 5th grade, use the summer to keep your skills sharp!

• Sharpen up your reading skills by enjoying chapter books on your level. Talk to family members about what you are reading.

• Practice your multiplication and division facts 0-12. 5th graders mastering their basic facts are ready for success!

Resources for parents and students:

Parent Guide to the English Language Arts Standards (Reading/Writing)

Parent Guide to the Math Standards

Get extra practice or help with homework for your student here
- Tutorials and Standards practice