PE- Physical Education

Jump Rope for Heart

Parents welcome to a new exciting school year.  We are eager to begin this New Year.  My name is Coach Frasier.  I teach our Physical Education classes for each grade level. 


My goal for your child is to reach their potential socially, emotionally, and physically.  My curriculum helps students develop aspects of cooperation, teamwork, and sportsmanship.  It also helps improve the student’s way to cope with adversity.  Students learn how to be successful and also how to cope when unsuccessful.  They also learn the importance of maintaining a physical and healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition.


In PE there’s opportunity to learn meaningful content, such as, motor skills, fitness education, opportunity to improve social and cooperative skills, and the promotion of physical activity.


Parents also look for opportunity for your child to participate in Meadow Woods intramural programs. 


So looking forward to another rousing '18-'19 school year at Meadow Woods Elementary. 

Coach Frasier and Team